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The capital of ecology has been invested by the Hebei group in accordance with the national AAAA scenic spot standard. It is located at No. 3, ancient West Road, Hebei City, Shijiazhuang province. The scenic North South of Shijiazhuang Taiyuan high-speed, the outer ring road, east of Road 107, West China Street, superior location, convenient transportation; scenic area northwest gate, east door through Taiping River, integrated with the Taiping South High Park, river landscape belt, forming a natural ecological scenery, an exquisite scenery of the.
The total area of the scenic area is 2000 mu, and the total investment is expected to be RMB 500 million yuan. The planning and development will be divided into four phases. An area of 590 acres, which covers ten ecological zones, respectively, vegetables and flowers, ecological zone, ecological sightseeing area, pollution-free vegetable picking ecological zone, Liyuan ecological zone, ecological tea garden areas, Home Furnishing activities ecological zone, aerobic ecological zone, ecological areas, children's play outdoor celebration bird fish ecological zone, ecological. Area. At the same time, the establishment of scenic leisure catering, Fasthotel, large parking lot and other supporting service area, is a set of flower planting and ecological tourism, trading, Vegetable & Fruit picking, leisure, catering and entertainment as one large ecological scenic spot, is a new eco tourism resort. The two, three and four phases will integrate resources on the basis of the first phase construction, leading the concept of consumption and creating a modern ecological capital.
Here, it is not only a natural sightseeing scenic spot, it is also a kind of high quality ecological park paying attention to protecting nature;
Here, traditional agriculture and modern tourism will be organically combined;
Here, edutainment, new leisure, experience and consumption concept will become fashionable;
Here, science and technology demonstration and ecological culture will lead new business opportunities;
Here, the Chinese dream of the new era will be the greatest manifestation!
The future of ecological planning and construction, will adhere to the high starting point, high standard, high-grade generous, to enjoy the consumption experience in ecological, ecological "concept in the consumer, to build the North China's most distinctive ecological leisure center, to achieve the organic unity of ecological, cultural and economic effects, social benefits. The capital of ecology will be a bright pearl inlaid in the north of china!
Project content: greenhouses planting flowers, planting area, high vegetation planting area, ecological water and ancillary facilities, the total area of about 393333 square meters.
Floriculture greenhouse cultivation area: rare flowers, rare flowers and breeding area, plant cultivation area, covers an area of 163575 square meters (245.36 acres).
Landscaped area covers an area of 130160 square meters (195.24 acres).
High planting planting area covers an area of 70778 square meters (106.17 acres).
The ecological water covers an area of 15820 square meters (23.73 acres).
Facilities: living space management, plant diseases and insect pests prevention and control room, the inspection and quarantine room, raw material warehouse and tool base road, covers an area of 13000 square meters (19.5 acres).
Specific flower construction content is as follows:
The main varieties planted plants cultivation base: herbaceous flowers, bonsai and potted plants, which mainly cultivated herbaceous flowers Coleus, a string of red, chrysanthemum Dahlia pinnata, marigold, etc., production and supply direction for the arrangement of Flower Festival set; bonsai mainly planted pine, cypress, banyan, elm, Fujian tea etc. bonsai, to supply different levels, to meet the different needs of people; the main planting potted orchid, chrysanthemum, camellia, plum, Begonia etc..